BluCloud Inc.

Automated Water Level Monitoring

Real Time Updates straight to your desktop & mobile



Real time data, analytics and alerting


Real time alert routing to the people that need to know about changes to your infrastructure.

Fast Analysis

Quickly create Dashboards from your data or let our AI build Dashboards for you.


How it works

Our units can automatically take readings for years without any trips to the field.


Share data with your team and draft and share reports with stakeholder's all in one place.



We offer standalone hardware and software. Or package them together for an unbeatable value.

Dashboard & Cell Service

$15 / mo

Connect up a device for real time analytics, statistics, alerting, GIS visualization and more.

  • Automatic Updates

  • Hardened Security

  • Data from any kind of sensor

Sensor Unit


An all in one unit with any kind of analog or digital sensor that works with a 5v or 3.3 v package.

  • Shipped right to your door

  • Install in minutes

  • Works out of the box with our platform

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